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Graduation advertisement examples

By Jonah Rabb

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May 10, 2014

Dear Parents of Graduating Seniors,

It gives us immense pleasure to congratulate the University of Chicago’s Class of 2014 for their outstanding achievement as they close a four-year chapter of their lives and their books. What better way to celebrate the incredible accomplishment of your son or daughter, a student organization or the Class of 2014 than to place a congratulatory note through The Chicago Maroon

The Chicago Maroon is the independent student newspaper of the University of Chicago, published bi-weekly with a circulation of 5,500 since 1892. We will be accepting placements in honor of the graduating class from now until June 2ndnd at 3PM for our Special Graduation Issue. The templates (full page, half page, and two quarter pages) and designated prices can be found on the following page along with some examples from the graduating classes of recent years. The Department Rates would apply in the graduation issue. As you know, The Chicago Maroon touches the lives of every student through their academic career and is a valuable source of information for the university’s community.

We congratulate you again on your contributions to the outstanding achievement of your son or daughter, and hope to be able to share in your celebration this spring. If you choose to purchase a placement, you may request a complimentary copy of the graduation issue to be sent to your address. Should you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact our business manager, Ty Jordan at   (773) 702-9555 or during regular business hours.

Thank you very much and congratulations once again!


Ty Jordan

Business Manager

The Chicago Maroon