Trends in Admissions

The University yielded a record 39 percent of students admitted the class of 2014.

Photo: Jake Grubman/The Chicago Maroon
The University accepted a record 39 percent of students admitted to the Class of 2014

The University yielded a record 39 percent of students admitted, the University announced last week. Yield indicates the number of students accepted to a university who choose to matriculate.

“These trends reflect that a growing number of exceptional students from diverse backgrounds are aspiring to attend the University of Chicago,” University spokesman Jeremy Manier said.

  • Disappointed

    This really sucks. I was hoping to get off the wait list. Man… All those months working on perfect essays were for no reason.

  • Allie

    Or maybe these trends reflect the fact that we picked a huge portion of the class from the early decision pile. In any case, I don’t see anything wrong with admitting the students who most want to come.

  • Lynda

    Hopefully U of C will continue to offer more opportunities to undergrads so seniors will feel more excited about committing. I think a lot of students feel Ivy Leagues open more doors. It’s up to the university to change that perception, especially regarding the social aspect! Many students are afraid that this is the place “where fun comes to die.” As an incoming freshman, I hope to start debunking that myth.

  • Waitlisted

    Yeah, people on CC are saying that most, if not all waitlist slots have already been filled.

  • observer

    I will be interesting to see how this preliminary yield number compares with the REAL yield rate in September, when we see who turns up after “summer melt”, waitlist admissions elsewhere, etc. My guess is that it will be 36% – about the same as last year.

  • Waitlisted

    Does that mean waitlisted students still have hope?