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20 first-years running for College Council

Twenty first-years are running in next week’s College Council (CC) elections, according to SG Vice President for Administration Forrest Scofield. The same number ran in last year’s freshman polls. Given the large number of candidates, it looks like SG’s full force outreach effort during O-Week paid off.

The candidates are vying for four open seats on the council. The elections run October 11th at 9am through October 13th at 5pm on All first-years can vote for up to four candidates.

If this year’s first-year elections are anything like in past years, not all candidates will campaign. Some will be discouraged by the large field, and some will get involved with an RSO (or five) and forget they’re even on the ballot. So the contest is likely to be between ten and fifteen serious contenders.

Are you a first-year candidate? If so, paste your platform in the comment section below.

  • I’d first like to thank you for taking some time out of your day to read this and I hope that you will all participate in voting for your Class of 2015 Student Government representatives. It is with great pleasure that I write to you today and for several different reasons. Through these words, I have the opportunity to express my passion for Student Government, to relay to you my credentials and leave them to your scrutiny, and to admit to you some feelings of mine regarding the timing of this election. Once again, thank you for giving me this opportunity to let you garner a better understanding of who I am as a person and who I can be as your representative.

    Throughout my high school career I’ve been an active member of Student Government, serving as a different type of officer (treasurer, class representative, etc.) each year and eventually stepping into the shoes of the presidency my senior year. I have always loved representing my class and working to make my school a better place for all of its students. I’ve been involved with various fundraising initiatives, both internationally and within my community, and with setting up varous events connecting my school to the city. Over the past four years, I’ve gone from playing euchre and bingo with senior citizens to running the whole event; from going door-to-door asking students for donations after the earthquake in Haiti to raising “the most money in recent memory” for Japanese tsunami/earthquake relief; from asking the administrators about expanding the recycling program to arguing with the principal over a speech I’d written supporting the revolutions in the Middle East (as one of the leading debators of our chapter’s Junior Statesmen of America, I had a lot of fun with this one). This isn’t a list of the experiences I’ve had that make me a competent leader, this is a list of the experience I’ve had that show my true devotion to Student Government, the members of my community and communities abroad, as well as the students I passed by in the hallways everyday.

    “So,” you may ask, “what will you do for me? Sure, you’ve done a lot throughout high school, but this is college and you have yet to mention anything you’ll do to make life better for the Class of 2015.” Elections are taking place soon and I, like many of you, am still adjusting to classes, still meeting many of you and trying to form some lasting friendships, and still trudging through The Theory of Moral Sentiments late at night attempting to stay awake. I’ve passed through a couple bathrooms that still use paper towels. Could that use some reform for the sake of the environment? Potentially. Could some of the classroom seating be mended so that they don’t make such loud squeaking noises when moving in them? Of course. (I don’t know how many of you share this problem with me…it can be incredibly annoying at times.) But do I know all of the Class of 2015’s issues right now? No, I honestly don’t. The reason for that is because I’m still in the same situation you are- a freshman who’s two weeks into college and doing everything in his power to succeed, all while discovering more and more about his school and fellow classmates everyday. Looking back on my high school career in Student Government, I had no idea I’d be dealing with all of those concerns when I ran, but I did eventually deal with them. Does that make me a weaker candidate than everyone else? No. In fact, I’d argue that it makes me a stronger candidate, because even though I had no idea a tsunami would cause such devastation in Japan, I dealt with it and I did so effectively. I know I’ll have your best interests at heart as a representative of the Class of 2015 not only because I love you guys (I really do), but because I’m also representing myself, and I am just one of many of you who will be dealing with various problems throughout the year that could affect all of us.

    Please, take this time to consider my candidacy and what I can do for you as your Class of 2015 Student Government representative.

  • andrew kramer


  • Hey, my name is Jose. I am originally from Dallas, TX, but now I call Jannotta House at South Campus home. I have been many things, including National Honor Society president, but titles aside, what I am most concerned with is innovation and bettering the lives around me.

    Like you, I want to be proud of my decision to spend the next four years here. I want to see our campus improve while we work towards our degrees. I want to be a part of a school where students can work together to achieve great things.

    Above all, I want to listen to you. Without bringing our concerns to light, a spot in student government would mean nothing. If we haven’t met yet, I’m sure we will, but for now, consider being a part of our T.E.A.M. and vote!

  • Fourth Year

    You are the 15.8%.