Zimmer marries Classics professor Shadi Bartsch

President Robert Zimmer and Classics professor Shadi Bartsch (Ph.D. ’92) were married this weekend in a private ceremony.
Photo: Alex Gleckman/The Chicago Maroon
President Robert Zimmer and his wife, Classics professor Shadi Bartsch, at the Mansueto Library Dedication ceremony in 2011.

President Robert Zimmer and Classics professor Shadi Bartsch (Ph.D. ’92) were married this weekend in a private ceremony.

“We’re very happy for them, and we hope people will respect the privacy of their personal lives,” said University spokesperson Steven Kloehn, who confirmed the marriage.

Zimmer began dating Bartsch shortly after separating from his previous wife, Terese Schwartzman, in September 2009. Zimmer and Schwartzman’s divorce was finalized last month.

The Board of Trustees has put provisions in place to ensure that the marriage does not present any conflicts of interest where promotions or other administrative duties are concerned, Kloehn said.

Department chairs and division deans typically handle such matters, while the provost decides on faculty promotions. Although it is rare for faculty to report to the President, it has been established that Bartsch would come before the chair of the Board of Trustees in such circumstances.

The Maroon could not confirm whether Bartsch will join Zimmer in the president’s house on 59th Street and University Avenue. Although Schwartzman, a director at the Urban Education Institute, continued living in the President’s house for several months after their separation while Zimmer lived elsewhere, Zimmer has been living in the house for most of the past year.


  • ZIMP

    Mazel tov!!

  • XX

    “Zimmer began dating Bartsch shortly after separating from his previous wife”

    Actually, Shadi was continuously listed as ‘in a relationship’ on fbook months before this. Also she became friends with Zimmer’s sons before September 2009. (Her facebook was made private shortly after this was reported first)

  • John

    I know he is at least her third husband, and possibly her fourth.

  • Yuk

    What a joke Zimmer is making of himself. Resign. The students of the college should look up to you, why? Follow your vision, why?
    Trustees, shame on you!

  • Alex

    It IS marriage #4. Buyer beware. I now seriously question the judgement of the leadership of our school.

  • Bob Cinpars

    This is the reason I stopped donating to the university. There is a sense of Nobility that has been violated. A nobility that I hope would be taught to the students and guarded by the University with all possible intensity.

  • Barry

    From what I understand Mr Zimmer is doing a great
    job running the U Chicago. Why not leave his private life and that of Professor Bartsch– who incidentally is an excellent teacher– alone?
    It is only fair

  • Support of Zimmer

    In the last few years, under James Nondorf of the admissions office and the leadership of Robert Zimmer, UChicago’s renown in the national public’s eye has skyrocketed. It seems to me like he is doing just fine of a president. Is it really any of our business that he has found a new wife? I don’t think so.

  • Leofranc Holford-Strevens

    Hear, hear! His job is to be a President, not an archbishop.

  • The Prophet

    Yes, yes, good job as president…renown…esteem…etc. It’s all a bit icky however. If only Saul Bellow were alive to write a novel about it. Sigh.