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CTA’s 170, 171, 172 have run their courses

According to an announcement made to the Transportation and Security Advisory Board (TSAB), the University of Chicago will discontinue its partnership with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) this August.

In order to replace student transportation provided by the CTA 170, 171, and 172 routes, the University is in the process of searching for new transportation vendors. Although specific reasons were not provided at the TSAB meeting, the discontinuation of the partnership is said to be due to financial concerns, according to one student TSAB member.

The TSAB is a student advisory board comprised of three students appointed by SG and three students appointed by the Inter-House Council (IHC). The board meets twice a quarter to discuss issues regarding transportation and security on campus.

  • jack

    The reason is that CTA threatened to discontinue the routes as part of its so called “crowd reduction plan” unless the U of C raised the hourly rate to $83.07, and then to $106/service hour, or the contract would end in August 2013. Apparently the U of C decided not to pay the $106. The CTA ordinance is at

  • dan

    Even if they do replace the routes with equivalent service, the lack of CTA bus tracker will suck. And it will also suck for neighborhood residents who can’t take First Transit shuttles since they don’t have UCIDs.

  • Annina

    The University’s transportation system is unreliable. They have gotten better since last year, but still need work. If the University isn’t going to use city transportation (which is very reliable), they need to get their act together on alternate transportation!!

  • student

    @Dan: The shuttles are all mapped on the University’s bus tracker system:

  • KOM

    The thing is, it’s also important to consider the necessity of a system that is capable of transporting large numbers of travelers–the 171, especially during the wintertime, is often too full to accommodate people who are farther down than Dorchester as it travels from it’s 53rd St. and South Shore stop, and the tiny shuttle buses will definitely not be able to fit as many people as the large buses.