Survey regarding sexual misconduct sent out today

Students will have until April 21st to complete a survey, administered by NORC, regarding sexual assault and misconduct.

A survey gauging student experience with sexual assault and misconduct was sent out today to every student at the University of Chicago over the age of eighteen. Students will have until April 21 to complete the survey.

Participation in the survey is voluntary; student responses are anonymous and confidential. At a Student Government Town Hall in February, Dean of Students Michele Rasmussen said that the University hoped for a 35 percent response rate.

The survey was designed by a committee of University faculty. It will be administered by National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago, a social research organization.

According to an email sent out to University of Chicago students, a summary of results will be released before the end of spring quarter. A second survey, concerned with inclusion of racial and ethnic minorities, will be sent out to students after the first survey is wrapped up.

Both surveys, as well as a committee reevaluating the University’s Unlawful Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Policy, were planned after high-profile incidents earlier this year, including threats of rape posted to a hacked RSO web page and a report of racist Halloween costumes.

Some students and faculty have called for a climate survey since the fall. A petition sent out last November that called for a campus climate survey attracted nearly 2,500 online signatures; members of student government have also advocated for a climate survey.