RSO Partnered With Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism Holds Kickoff Meeting

The Maroon Project on Security and Terrorism will be holding events throughout the quarter to inform students about domestic and international security issues.

By Sarah Lewis

The Maroon Project on Security and Terrorism (MPOST) held its first event of the quarter on Monday; the RSO works in conjunction with the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism (CPOST), a research institute at the University founded by Robert Pape, professor and terrorism expert.  

“As a new, growing RSO, we hope to do a lot of things that we do not currently see on campus. The Institute of Politics here has many informative events, and tends to focus on U.S. policy, and while the majors here are extensive, at times they solely focus on domestic affairs. MPOST wants to focus on foreign affairs and international relations, as well as national policy,” fourth-year and director of MPOST Miranda Wei said.  

In addition to collaborating with CPOST, MPOST works to inform students of domestic and international security issues and serves as an outlet for students to conduct research and develop future careers in areas such as international studies and political science. 

Under the guidance of a board of six University students, the RSO focuses on events, career development for students pursuing political science and international studies, and publication of students’ theses and editorials on global security issues.  

MPOST hosts several events and discussions in order to civically engage students and the community in discourse concerning national and international security and threats of terrorism. Past speaker events have included former U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and former Director of the CIA Michael Morell. 

Events include career presentations and information sessions that cover topics such as UChicago resources, relevant coursework and research, help from faculty members, and research opportunities. These social events also advertise and provide information about internship opportunities and career tracks in government—state, defense, and homeland departments—as well as the national intelligence community. 

The RSO also caters to students with interests in journalism and publication and directs students to publication options. MPOST accepts articles written by UChicago students on the status of current affairs and events, with a direct focus on security and terrorism. These articles are published annually in the spring in the Journal of Security and Conflict Studies Release, and include a mix of academic and opinion pieces. These opportunities connect students to the alumni network and research openings in terrorism insurgency and propaganda. 

Future events for the fall quarter and beyond will be held at CPOST’s building at 5720 South Woodlawn Avenue.