College Council Discusses Two Upcoming Events

College Council discusses Earth Day event and future statewide Title IX conference.

By Tony Brooks, News Editor

Student Government (SG) College Council discussed two upcoming events at their meeting on Tuesday night: plans for a neighborhood trash pick-up competition for Earth Day, and a statewide conference on sexual misconduct on November 9.

Second-year Hannah Morin is organizing the Earth Day trash pick-up competition, during which various houses and RSOs will compete to collect the most litter from the surrounding neighborhood.

She appealed to SG to fund gift card prizes for the winners.

“The first prize will be $200, the second prize $100, third prize $50,” third-year Liam Torpy said. “I think it’s a good way to engage with Earth Day, [to] get the students to think about litter on campus, and just kind of clean up the neighborhood.”

Several SG members raised objections with the use of Visa gift cards as prizes, pointing out that funding from the University needs to be traceable. They suggested alternative options, such as Chipotle Parties or other catered events.

In response to the ambiguity, the motion was postponed until next week’s meeting.

First-year Malay Trivedi also discussed his plans for a sexual misconduct and Title IX event, slated for November.

The event’s organizers intend to invite schools throughout the Chicagoland area, to share ways to battle sexual misconduct on campus.

“On the other end, there’s also going to be something of a broader outreach campaign and open letter to the attorney general and governor of Illinois—whoever the new ones end up being—discussing how state law can serve as a beacon to help protect students during this time when federal law is in such a big flux,” Trivedi said.

The Council’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, April 17 in Stuart 104.