Zimmer Warns Against “Privileging Feelings,” Creating a Sanctuary for Comfort

Zimmer said that universities who serve as “[sanctuaries] of comfort” fail to properly educate their students.



University President Robert Zimmer gives a speech on October 3.

By Ellie Citron, Contributor

On Wednesday, conservative media outlets The Blaze and Campus Reform praised comments made by President Zimmer earlier this month, lauding the administrator’s observation that college campuses are expected to be “privileging feelings, to the extent that a child feels they are always entitled to feel good and comfortable.”

Addressing the City Club of Cleveland, Zimmer cautioned that universities should not work by “creating a sanctuary for comfort” to cultivate cultures of inclusivity and as a result fail to properly educate their students.

He went on to admonish individuals who oppose free speech out of “self-righteous, moral, or political indignation, an agenda driven by such moral or political views, and comfort.”

Zimmer’s language echoes the 2015 Report of the Committee on Freedom of Expression, also known as the Stone Report. His speech follows Dean of Students Jay Ellison’s 2016 letter to the class of 2020, in which he condemned trigger warnings and safe spaces, and the 2018 adoption of “The Chicago Statement” by thirty-five universities around the country.