Maroon Switches to Weekly Printing As Digital Readership Soars

The Chicago Maroon will now be printed weekly on Wednesdays, as the paper shifts resources to online publishing.



Issues run through the press at Litho Type LLC in Lansing, IL, where The Maroon is printed.

By Pete Grieve and Euirim Choi

Starting next week, The Maroon will produce print issues once per week on Wednesdays as the paper shifts resources to digital products.

The new dimensions of our print issues will be nearly square, allowing us to redesign our layout and produce longer issues.

The Maroon is thankfully not making this change out of financial necessity. The paper continues to grow, and has a strong ad-revenue business model.

Last quarter, we established a pilot need-based pay program to financially support three staff members with grants up to $3,500, and we plan to expand the program to cover nine students. Our costly project of digitizing more than a century of Maroon archives is more than halfway complete thanks to alumni and community support. Website readership was up 54 percent in 2018 over 2017, our e-mail newsletter has grown to nearly 5,000 subscribers, and The Maroon’s buy-sell page, Marketplace, has 11,000 users.

The Maroon’s articles are read online by millions of people each year, while print circulation has been gradually reduced over the years to 2,500 copies. The change to weekly printing will help ensure that The Maroon continues to thrive in the digital information era as we strive to hold the administration and campus institutions accountable. —The Editors-in-Chief