UChicago to Offer Three-Week Study Abroad Programs in Hong Kong, Florence, and Paris

The newly opened Hong Kong campus will house a program on the history of human rights in Asia.


University of Chicago

The Hong Kong campus opened in November 2018.

By Brad Subramaniam, Contributor

The University will introduce three-week study abroad programs in September—before autumn quarter—for undergraduates, it announced on Tuesday.

The University’s newly opened Hong Kong campus will be the center for a program on the history of human rights in Asia. The other programs are a Law, Letters, and Society program in Paris, following the re-introduction of the major last year, as well as a history program in Florence.

The Florence program offers students one history course credit, and includes excursions and classwork focusing on Renaissance art and culture. The courses will include visits to historical sites and museums in Florence and the surrounding Tuscany region.

The Hong Kong program offers a history credit to students through coursework related to the history of human rights in Hong Kong and across Asia. The study abroad program will be based out of the University of Chicago’s recently opened Hong Kong campus, which is also home to the economics study abroad program and the Booth’s School of Business’s Executive M.B.A. (EMBA) degree program.

The Paris program offers a Law Letters and Society credit to students who complete the two-section course. The first section, led by Assistant Professor Kimberly Kay Hoang, focuses on various economic perspectives and the impact of international law on the world economy. The second section, led by Professor Clifford Ando, is centered upon European legal history and law practices in ancient states. The Paris program will be based in the University of Chicago Center in Paris, which the University recently announced will undergo expansion in 2022.

University spokesperson Marielle Sainvilus said that the three programs follow the model of the Marine Biological Laboratory courses, which are offered in September and taught in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. These new programs are the first three-week study abroad programs UChicago has offered in September.

Need-based financial aid will be available to cover the $675 administrative fee and $3,500 program fee for the study abroad programs, Sainvilus added. Tuition for each program will be included in students’ tuition for autumn quarter, unless a student takes more than four classes during that autumn quarter.