Tennis Remains Dominant

The top-ranked men’s tennis team swept through the Illinois Institute of Technology lineup to improve their record to 12-1.

By Matthew Lee, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Men’s tennis successfully captured a win against the Illinois Institute of Technology last Thursday, besting them in an uncontested match. With their 9–0 victory, the Maroons improve their record for the year to 12–1. For the Illinois Tech Scarlet Hawks, it was prepare for trouble—make it double. The Maroons rocketed to a dominant position early in the afternoon, racking up three early victories across men’s doubles. The duo of fourth-year Max Liu and second-year Jeremy Yuan blasted off at the speed of light, winning their match 8–2. Meanwhile, third-years Erik Kerrigan and Ninan Kumar were clearly prepared to fight, besting their opponents in an 8–4 victory. Finally, the Maroons extended their reach to the stars above once more as the doubles team of first-year Joshua Xu and fourth-year Charlie Pei blasted their opponents off 8–6.  

The tennis team’s stamina did not abate in singles. First-year Shramay Dhawan and second-year Alejandro Rodriguez proved to be the very best; both were able to defeat their opponents while letting fewer than four points get away. Dhawan managed to secure a 12–2 win across two sets; Rodriguez 12–3 in the same number. The rest of the Maroons’ six-man singles party also performed admirably: Other singles victors include Kerrigan (12–6), Yuan (12–3), Xu (13–9), and first-year Alex Guzhva (12–4). 

The Maroons continue their quest to become champions across the region this Wednesday, April 10, against Augustana College—who, at 15–4 and 1–0 in conference play, serve as suitable rivals. Regardless of their opponent’s merits, the Maroon tennis team’s proven strength and undefeated record thus far lend confidence to its quest to catch them all—victories, that is.