@realchoppedliva Talks Twitter Stardom, Comedic Inspirations

The UChicago second-year’s popularity on Twitter skyrocketed this summer after posting a video that parodied transitions in musical theater.



Liva Pierce’s viral video on musical transitions.

By Gustavo Delgado, Contributor

On August 26, second-year Liva Pierce posted a video on Twitter spoofing musical theater. Within days, her social media following exceeded 30,000 people on Twitter and on other platforms like YouTube and TikTok; the video now counts more than 7 million views.

The video is a sendup of the awkward transitions between spoken dialogue and songs, depicting musicals in pitch-perfect Broadway style. “Hey, you listen here, mister: I’m not gonna be an orphan. I’m gonna get adopted by a rich man!” she sang. At another point: “I’m not just a witch. I’m a witch with HPV, and I’m proud of it.”

Viewers were delighted.

“This is my religion now