22 Faculty Named to Chairs or Professorships in 2020

Lucy Godley and Daniel Brudney are the first occupants of two new titles in the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Division of Humanities respectively.


UChicago Medicine, Department of the Humanities

Professors Lucy Godley and Daniel Brudney

By Caroline Kubzansky, Managing Editor ('20-'21)

22 professors will fill named chairs or become distinguished service professors this year, according to a news release brief last month.  

Two of the 22 positions were created this year.  

Lucy Godley will be the inaugural Hospira Foundation Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Human Genetics. Godley’s research focuses on leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and bone marrow malignancies on a molecular level. Alongside her research, Godley is a professor in the departments of Medicine and Human Genetics.  

Daniel Brudney will be the first Florin Harrison Pugh Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the College. Brudney works in political philosophy, bioethics, the philosophy of religion, and philosophy and literature. In 2014, he received the Quantrell Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching. He also holds positions in the Divinity School and the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics. 

The Biological Sciences Division and the Department of Humanities each have six new named professorships and chairs. The Booth School of Business, the Division of the Social Sciences, the Division of the Physical Sciences, and the Pritzker School for Molecular Engineering are also all gaining at least one named chair or professorship.