Election Night Ice Cream

Voting isn’t the only thing causing big lines today.

By Asher Klein

5:33pm Tuesday

Voting isn’t the only thing causing big lines today. Students are lining up for free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, handed out from 1:30 until 5:00 in the Reynold’s Club.

“We’re supporting the election and everybody’s right to vote,” said Bernadette Lords, one of the employees scooping out ice cream for the line of students formed outside the C-Shop. The ice cream is free for anyone who voted, but the rule is not being enforced.

Though they received permission from the University, the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream campaign is not related to the election day and night events planned by ORCSA.

Turnout is huge. “It’s crazy, it’s a constant line,” Lords said. “We can’t scoop fast enough. I have to switch hands because my wrist starts to hurt.

The two flavors on offer were Cookie Dough and Cake Batter. Lords noted, “everyone was going for cookie dough, but then cake batter started to get popular.” She said it was too close to call a winner.