Students Report Being Turned Away From COVID-19 Testing at Walker Museum | Newsletter for May 12

The May 12th, 2022, edition of The Maroon newsletter.

By Yiwen Lu

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Happy Week 7! In this newsletter, we cover the University of Chicago’s new Public Safety Advisory Council. Plus, students report being turned away from testing centers while COVID-19 case numbers remain high. 

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The University has created the Public Safety Advisory Council to gather community feedback on public safety policies on campus and within the University of Chicago Police Department's (UCPD) extended patrol area. The council consists of 15 voting members, who are University affiliates and community members, as well as six nonvoting representatives from various University departments. They will meet monthly and host at least one public forum per quarter during the academic year. 

College Council (CC) representatives voted for second-year Connor Lee and first-year Jordyn Flaherty to become the next chair and vice chair of CC. Like the president of Undergraduate Student Government, the CC chair has the power to veto legislation.

Members of UChicago #CareNotCops (CNC) joined students and activists in Millennium Park on Thursday, April 21, to protest aerospace manufacturer Boeing and its relationship with the City of Chicago. Activists claim that Boeing profits off war and enables oppression globally. During his speech, CNC organizer and third-year Warren Wagner called for the abolition of UCPD and criticized the University’s financial investments, which have ties to weapon manufacturers like Boeing.

In the past few weeks, students have reported being turned away from exposure COVID-19 testing at the Walker Museum. Several took to Twitter to air their confusion and concern. The Maroon talked to students who were unable to receive tests after being notified of exposures and symptomatic patients who were sent home with rapid antigen tests. 


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