Northwestern dean offers Halloween costume advice

NU Dean of Students Burgwell J. Howard fends off scary scandals with advice on Halloween attire in a campus e-mail.

By Asher Klein

Wondering what to wear for Halloween? What about what not to wear? Well worry no more, costume-fans, Northwestern's Dean of Students has the answer to all your costume questions:

• "Wearing a funny costume? Is the humor based on "making fun" of real people, human traits or cultures?

• Wearing a historical costume? If this costume is meant to be historical, does it further misinformation or historical and cultural inaccuracies?

• Wearing a ‘cultural' costume? Does this costume reduce cultural differences to jokes or sterotypes?

• Could someone take offense with your costume and why?"

Dean Burgwell J. Howard wrote this Tuesday in an e-mail to Northwestern students, according to Gawker, to fend off any possible incidents at the school like last year's, when some Northwestern student apparenlty dressed in blackface and was photographed as the…just click through to see the picture.

The letter came from the same dean who, two weeks ago, gave NU students this party advice: " So, if your event has alcohol present, and the police have cause to enter your property, underage students will be subject to citation, and party hosts may be subject to fines or possible arrest for providing alcohol to minors. (It has already happened several times this year to some students, don't be next!)"

So helpful, Mr. Howard! Where's the helpful, practical advice from U of C deans? Maybe it has something to do with U of C students not engaging in ridiculous and illegal activities on or near campus? Talk about where fun goes to die, amirite?