Third wanted suspect in series of muggings arrested

By Lokchi Lam

A third man was arrested on November 10 in connection with a pattern of armed robberies in Hyde Park that happened between September 12 and October 27.

The suspect, Trevoy Russell, 21, was charged with one count of armed robbery and was positively identified in a line-up by one victim. No property was found in his possession at the time of Russell’s arrest.

Darien Russell, his brother, and Deandre O’Neal, his cousin, were arrested the previous day in connection with the same pattern of robberies. All three men lived in the same house on East 69th Street.

“The CPD in conjunction with the UCPD devoted a lot of intelligence to these arrests,” said Commander Patricia Walsh, Chicago Police Department’s Area 1 Detective Division. “We worked this case together. We’re pretty confident that we have them for crimes they committed.”

According to Walsh, the police saw a “major crime pattern” in the series of armed robberies that occurred over the two months.

“In each case a lone offender approached a victim from behind, displayed their weapon, and robbed them of their purses,” Walsh said. “This was a major pattern of people who were targeting individuals in the Hyde Park community.” She added that she felt the police had “made a major arrest” with the three suspects.

According to an alert published by the Safety Awareness Program yesterday, “no additional incidents that fit this pattern have occurred since October 29.”

Walsh also pointed out that since not all the victims had positively identified the three men, the police have not stopped looking for other suspects.

“Either the victims could not identify the offender, or these offenders were not responsible for the crimes,” she said. “So our investigation continues. We continue to keep a vigil.”