Second Cisse murderer sentenced to 35 years

Benjamin Williams received 35 years for the murder of Amadou Cisse.

By Harunobu Coryne

Another of the men charged with the 2007 homicide of a University graduate student pled guilty December 9, according to the Fox Chicago News article, “Second Man in University of Chicago Student Amadou Cisse’s Murder Sentenced to 35 Years.”

Benjamin Williams received 35 years for the murder of Amadou Cisse, with an additional six years for attempted armed robbery.

Williams, who was 21 at the time of the murder and the oldest of the four men implicated in the crime, was first charged in December 2007.

Cisse, a sixth-year chemistry student from Senegal, was shot and killed November 19, 2007 when three men attempted to rob him outside his apartment on the 6100 block of South Ellis Avenue.

Demetrius Warren and Jamal Bracey, two of Cisse’s other assailants, had also mugged another pair of University students just 15 minutes prior to the shooting.

Jamal Bracey pled guilty to the murder last November and was sentenced to 39 years—35 for the killing, four for burglary.

Warren, the man who actually pulled the trigger, has been charged but has not yet pled guilty.

The case of Eric Walker, who operated the perpetrators’ vehicle while the crime was underway, is still pending, while a fifth man believed to have participated alongside Walker has not been identified.

The Cook County Attorney’s office declined to issue a statement on Williams’ guilty plea.