David Brooks is dead to me

By Alec Brandon

David Brooks has an interesting column today remembering William F. Buckley with a special U of C connection.The entire column revolves around a column Brooks wrote as a college student at the U of C. For those of you not in the know, Brooks worked for the Maroon back in the day. But, instead of giving the Maroon some big time attention, Brooks chooses to divulge that the column was published in the “school newspaper.”Give me a break.The column wasn’t published in some nameless school paper that has since faded into the ether. It was published in the Chicago Maroon. Now, the Maroon might not carry the cache of the Crimson or Yale Daily News, but its not like anyone is going to think less of Brooks for having columns published in the lowly Maroon.This would have been a pretty big get for the Maroon. Since 1981, the Times has referenced the Maroon a grand total of four times. One was a wedding announcement, another was a correction after the Times said that Vita (the campus sex magazine) was the most popular campus publication. So that brings us down to just two real references, and the third was just in a letter to the editor.So essentially the Maroon has been referenced once in the Times in the last 27 years (by Brooks and he just cited an ad for egg donors). Brooks had an opportunity to give the Maroon a 100% increase in Times citations today, but he choose not to.Thanks for helping out the paper that gave you your start Brooks!