Obama’s bracket

By Alec Brandon

I have to say, I was pretty disappointed by Obama’s NCAA bracket.In 3 of the 4 regions he has the #1 playing the #2 in the Elite 8. Even worse, his big surprise is Pitt making it to the final four. Now, we know Obama needs to do well in Pennsylvania, but is this really going to make a difference? I do like his pick of Stanford making it past Texas. You gotta love the Lopez twins. Still, this isn’t a very ballsy pick.You think that Obama would have at least picked Michael Beasley and Kansas State to go pretty far (Elite 8?). Beasley seems like the college basketball version of Obama. He has loads of talent, he’s young, and he’s playing on a team no one has heard of that is trying to slay the big shots.But, instead of sticking his neck out, Obama pussied out and went with a pretty conventional bracket. Honestly, this is the sort of bracket that I’d expect to see from Hillary. Very disappointing.