I got your Iowa Caucuses right here

I made a trip to our local Mobile Book Fair yesterday, which is essent

By Tim Murphy

I made a trip to our local Mobile Book Fair yesterday, which is essentially a clearinghouse for book publishers. It’s cheap, three minutes away from where I work, and confusing as hell because the books aren’t organized in any intelligent manner. My mission: Track down a copy of Mike Huckabee’s weight-loss book for a christmas gift.It was ultimately unsuccessful, because no one at the Mobile Book Fair had heard of Governor Mike Huckabee. The first lady I talked seemed adamant about typing “Huckleberry,” and then after much protest, searched for “Hucklebee.” Finally she got it right, and remarked, cheerfully, “Oh! Like the movie!” The next two employees weren’t any better. So much for the New Hampshire ad buy. It is, of course, a small sample size of what I assume is a fairly liberal segment of the population (bookstore clerks in Barney Frank’s congressional district), but it supports the fact that Mike Huckabee has yet be defined in the national consciousness. Whereas someone like Hillary, or even McCain, has been scrutinized for years, Huckabee’s image is still quite maleable. If the negative reports from recent weeks are any indication, that is only going to hurt him. (For example, his other book, where he equates environmentalism with sinful activities, and lumps necrophilia with homosexuality)….Merry Christmas. And to Tommy Tancredo, an extra special “FELIZ NAVIDAD.” This blog may or may not take a break for a few days, but I imagine everyone else will too.