Northwestern Edges out U of C for Best University

In a vote on, the University of Chicago lost the title of “Best University” to Northwestern, 49-51.

By Asher Klein

It's settled, Northwestern is better than the U of C.

Well, at least according to those who visited the debates page on Voting for "Best University" ended today, and Northwestern's 51% gave it the title, beat out the U of C. It tallied a scant 49%.

NBC enabled twitter-like comments on the page, which hosts a different Chicago-themed debate every other week. Previous winners: radio station B96 > WGCI; Lollapalooza > Pitchfork Music Festival; Zanies is funnier than iO, while the voting ignoring Second City. The comments pushed the debate beyond the numbers.

At 6:11, an anonymous poster implied members of Northwestern and University of Chicago voted in proportion to the sizes of their student bodies. "If only the size of the UC student body and alumni base was as large as Northwestern's (which is about 50% larger)…" he said.

At 7:05, another anonymous writer replied, "Here come more of the UofC excuses for losing. Just suck it up…you LOST."

Along with the title of "Best University," Northwestern wins "Brian, the world's first human statue," for the next two weeks. Comment below, or on NBC's page to vent your spleen or, I suppose, to gloat.