Dear Mr. Will: You may know baseball, but you don’t know New Jersey.

George Will’s

By Andrew Hammond

George Will’s piece in the Washington Post today shines his pundit spotlight on Tom Kean, Jr., the son of a beloved former NJ Governor and the Republican candidate for Senate this fall. Will seems to think that Kean has a chance. Will cites Jersey’s corruption and Kean’s dad’s reputation as the reasons why Kean Jr. might be able to unseat Robert Menendez, the popular democrat appointed by Governor Corzine when Corzine himself left the Senate. Corruption and Daddy’s name does not a good case make. My homestate is true blue and it hasn’t sent a Republican to the Senate since 1972. As columnist Joe Albright for the Newark-Star Ledger writes in his latest article, the numbers for Kean just aren’t there. If the Republicans are looking to hold their majority in the Senate, they should look elsewhere.