ESPN Featured Comment of the Day

By Alec Brandon

We here at the Editors Blog are big (no HUGE) fans of ESPN’s Featured Comment of the Day (you can see it on the bottom right of ESPN’s home page, right now the comment is “I’d love to see TO in Green Bay in ice bowl conditions.” –sandon56). It wouldn’t be Wednesday if we didn’t all gather and discuss what we thought of a couple of the week’s comments.Which, of course, is why we are big fans of Deadspin’s latest effort to collect and publish some of each day’s best comments.Stuff like:

“Even if Dallas does beat the Packers it will not beat them by a lot.” — 1clvrdude


“The Pats needed a test like this, it will only make them better. I hope they go undefeated.” — Leo l.

Heady stuff.