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Zogby just released their latest poll from

By Alec Brandon

Zogby just released their latest poll from Iowa and Hillary’s lead is looking even more tenuous.Hillary leads with 28%, but Obama is now up to 25% and Edwards is not far behind with 21% (the margin of error is plus or minus 4.5%).Another interesting tidbit was featured in this poll, though. The poll then asked people who their second choice selection. Not surprisingly, Hillary didn’t fair as well among second choice candidates, polling only 19%. Far behind Edwards and Obama at 24% and 21%. Now, Hillary is going to be at a disadvantage on the second choice poll because she has the lead in first choice, but still, that seems to be a pretty large deficit. Perhaps this is how her unpopularity with many Democrats is playing out now.Of course, 12% were unsure, so these polls are all really pointless. Still, people have been making such a big deal about Hillary dominating the polls and all but having this nomination in the bag, but the numbers don’t seem to indicate that.