Why no one likes Boston sports fans

This is really getting ridiculous. Tonight there will be a

By Alec Brandon

This is really getting ridiculous. Tonight there will be a debate on NESN (the Red Sox channel) to determine who should be the president of Red Sox nation. The worst part is that Tim Russert is going to moderate. Give me a break.See, this is real number 904 why no one likes Boston sports fans anymore. You guys used to be cool. You used to passionately care about a team, despite its failures. That’s something everyone can get behind.Then two things happened. First, the Patriots started winning. Now I’m from New England–Connecticut to be specific–and I remember the level of passion that the Patriots inspired amongst fans before they started winning: none. This was a team that was all but set to move to Hartford and no one in Boston blinked. Even when they went to the Super Bowl in 1994 1997 no one in New England cared. No one even really started rooting for them until they won their second Super Bowl and could legitimately claim to be a dynasty.Then all of a sudden we’re suppose to take you guys seriously as fans? This exposed that the overwhelming majority of Boston fans are phonies. Now I’m sure there were some hardcore Patriots fans, but Boston was a baseball and hockey town before the Patriots started winning. But no one seems to remember this now.Second, the Red Sox started winning. But it isn’t jealousy that started to make Red Sox fans annoying (I’m a Cubs fan). I mean, you guys were annoying last year and you didn’t even make the playoffs.It’s that you won’t shut up. You expect sports fans in general to take you seriously when you start referring to your fan base as a “nation.” Come on now. There was a point when there was a Red Sox nation, when it was root for the Yankees or root against them (and thus root for the Red Sox). There was a time when a “nation” was behind you, but as soon as you start referring to that group as a “nation” and started electing Presidents and replaced your passion with pomp, you lost it.This is the sort of thing that Yankees fans do all the time. They claim that they’ve had every great player in the history of the game. They’ll say their stadium is so historic with that dumb shrine they’ve got, that everyone of their roll players is amazing. Now you guys are doing the same thing, except you aren’t bragging about how great your team is, you are bragging about how great your fans are (although you also need to stop talking about how great your mediocre players are, I mean Tim Wakefield is not worth talking about, ever). Get over yourselves. Now, I’m sure there are some Boston fans that are pissed off about this. The old school fans who are pissed that every yuppie north of New Haven is showing up at Fenway now, but instead of them saying something or even trying to reestablish some order in their “nation” they just sit idly by. And to make matters worse, a lot of the old school Boston fans like Jerry Remy and Bill Simmons are making things worse.Updated: Oh, and we don’t care about Matsuzaka and Okajima either. Do they have cool names? Yes, but your “nation’s” obsession with them has taken time away from much much better players.Thanks to you, two years from now, everyone and their mother will know the life history of two of the most mediocre pitchers in the majors (if they even last that long, particularly Okajima) and no one will know about players that have had amazing breakout years like Ryan Braun, Hanely Ramirez, Peavey, etc.