Imposter at Stanford

This is pretty great. A 19 y

By Alec Brandon

This is pretty great. A 19 year old has been pretending to be a student at Stanford for 8 months. She lived in the dorms, pretended to take classes, bought books, the whole nine-yards.Accordingly to the article (linked above) everyone at Stanford is a little disconcerted that a) someone would do this, and b) that someone was able to pull this off for so long. I guess I’m impressed that this girl was even caught. College campuses are wide open environments where students are left to their own devices (particularly at a school like Stanford). It is silly to think that this sort of thing is avoidable. I mean, of course this girl slipped through the “cracks,” there is really no reason to waste resources on preventing this sort of scenario. But also, this is reason for Stanford to be proud. They are a school that people want to get into so badly, that they’ll pretend to be a student there (I bet by next year t-shirts with that sort of slogan on it will be quite a hit at Stanford).I don’t think anyone would ever do that at the U of C. Come January they’d tell their friends (if they had any) that they were taking a leave of absence and never come back.