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This is very interesting. It is a

By Alec Brandon

This is very interesting. It is a video of Barack Obama from 2002 talking about the invasion of Iraq. At the time he was just a State Senator (and U of C Law School Lecturer, notice the U of C coffee mug he has in front of him!), but his statements are interesting for three reasons.First, he has not flipped on his opinions on the war. Something that not many other Democratic candidates can say.Second, his statements are interesting, and in retrospect would have been the right way to go on handling Iraq.Third, it is really a shame that there was no one in the Senate in 2002 that could make nuanced (and intelligent arguments) with the sort of power that Obama is capable of.Check it out though, well worth watching.(Via, Andrew Sullivan)[Update”: The NYTimes now has an article on just this topic.