State of the Union2

By Alec Brandon

I don’t have much to say about the State of the Union. We didn’t really hear anything new, it was the same old fare. Really the only change was that there weren’t any of the off the wall crazy comments that have littered his State of the Union’s in the past. Like, in years past we have been treated with some zany moments, for example, the Axis of Evil comment, the ban on animal-human hybrid/cloning schtick, or the Social Security taunting/boofest. This time we got nothing.He didn’t manage to deviate from the four boring issues he is always talking about: reforming the tax system, reforming immigration, doing something about our energy crisis, and winning the War on Terrorism. But he didn’t even manage to say anything even remotely interesting about those topics.Really, the best way to sum it all up, is that you know it is an uninspiring speech when the highlight was the president dedicating a portion of his speech to Dikembe Mutombo. (Also, the dedication to the subway hero was sort of touching, but only because that guy is ridiculously amazing.)