George Will on Jim Webb

By Andrew Hammond

So George Will does his best to skewer Senator-elect Jim Webb in the Post today. While I admire Will as a writer, I can’t stand him as a pundit. The collapse of his beloved conservative revolution has left him arguing style instead of substance. Instead of attacking Webb’s assertion that Americans are living in an age of unprecedented economic inequality, he attacks Webb for how he says it. I think anyone, including Webb, who writes an op-ed in a national publication cannot expect anything less than wide-ranging criticism, but I wonder whether Will is attacking Webb on semantics simply because he can’t attack him on substance.In regards to Will commenting on Webb’s rudeness, I understand what Will is complaining about: a lack of civility. But I also wonder why anyone of us who do not have a loved one serving in Iraq think they can tell a parent how to behave or conduct themselves when talking about the subject. One would think we might be understanding of a father who is worried about his son.