Too hot for TNR

This news was

By Alec Brandon

This news was a bit disconcerting to read. Spencer Ackerman was fired from TNR for:

Mr. Foer described the dismissal as a matter of serial “insubordination”; Mr. Ackerman, 26, wrote on a personal blog that it was the result of “irreconcilable ideological differences” with the magazine’s upper editors.

If you read the whole thing it seems like Ackerman was asking for it:

Mr. Ackerman said he had clashed with Mr. Foer over various editorial matters. But he said that he had fallen from favor after growing disenchanted with the invasion of Iraq, which he and the magazine had both supported in the beginning. “I definitely, for lack of a better term, drifted leftward,” Mr. Ackerman said. “The Iraq war will do that to you. The Bush administration will do that to you.” Mr. Ackerman had been acting out, by his own account: telling a colleague it “wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world” to get fired “for being too left-wing”; declaring in an editorial meeting that he would “skullfuck” the corpse of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi to establish his anti-terrorist bona fides.

Regardless, I have a slightly infatuation with TNR’s aims, so it is unfortunate to read about this.Also, Ackerman’s “Too hot for TNR” blog is here (here is his account of what went down at TNR). And, in case you feel bad for Ackerman, he has already gotten gigs with The American Prospect and The Nation.