Rumsfeld resigns: a true wake-up call

By George L. Anesi

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is resigning. I am astonished how quickly the Democratic victory was able to stop the Bush administration in its tracks. Only days ago, President Bush pledged to keep Rumsfeld and Vice President Dick Cheney on for the remaining 2 years of his term in office.Meanwhile, CNN has called Montana for the Dems and Webb is leading Allen in Virginia, which will no doubt see a recount. Dems take the House, a majority of governorships, and now probably the Senate.This election has truly been a “wake-up call” to Bush and America, as who else but John McCain said last night. Well done, America.UPDATE: Bush has appointed former CIA directory Bob Gates to replace Rumsfeld, so no go on the Lieberman thing. Good thing for the Dems, I guess. If they win Virginia in the recount and take the Senate 51-49, they get to keep their majority with Lieberman still around. (I’m assuming both Senate independents caucus with the Dems.)