30 Rock Epsode 5.6 Recap

Liz has the D.I.H.C. that Jacks needs and Jenna makes her own obituary.

By Mae Rice

This week, Avery gets creeped out by Jack and Liz’s relationship. Points in her favor: Their relationship is objectively weird. Points against her: Jack can’t find anyone else to mentor who has that perfect combination of Drive, Intelligence, Humility and Chaos (the acronym is pronounced “dick”) that Liz has. Also, Liz needs Jack’s advice desperately, because her eighty-year-old dad has decided to hit the singles scene. Except he isn’t single, and he is also sort of blind!

But Jack loves Avery, so instead of helping Liz, he goes on a very limited quest for someone new to mentor. Unfortunately, Jenna doesn’t have the intelligence, Kenneth already has a mentor (who hates him), and Tracy demonstrates he doesn’t have the requisite humility when he tells Jack, “I’m Tracy Jordan! When I go to sleep, nothing happens in the world!”

Meanwhile, Kenneth has unearthed a shocking secret (at least, shocking to him): NBC produces obituaries for celebrities before they die, just to stay prepared. Kenneth finds Tracy’s obituary and shows Tracy the footage. Tracy is upset because it makes him look sort of bad (remember that footage of Tracy running through the streets, pretending to be a jedi? It’s back! It’s his legacy! He’s in his underwear!). Jenna is also upset, but she is upset that there is no premature TV obituary for her. So she starts making one herself, in which she sings a ballad about her own death. She is, after all, Jenna Maroney. Who is Tracy?
 But as Jack points out, Tracy is actually a big deal. Not only do his movies gross millions–he also owns The New York Necks, the world’s only giraffe basketball team.