30 Rock Episode 5.19 Recap

Liz and Kenneth search for Tracy.

By Mae Rice

Liz Lemon knows Tracy is in New York, and now she’s going to find him. She and Kenneth (and Tracy’s lizard? Although it is not explicitly conscious of this fact) are on the hunt. Jenna is on the hunt at the same time, but not for Tracy or for any man, shockingly. She is on the hunt for employment—her previous Plan B, selling talking dolls, backfired because the drugs were full of cocaine. She finds it on a movie set in Connecticut.

Jenna signs up to star in a movie, Take My Hand, which someone describes as horror porn. It is exactly that. She keeps screaming, and she’s chained up to this crazy trapezoidal torture device, and the movie is bad. Then the movie is cancelled because Connecticut won’t give them the previously promised tax break; they thought it would be good for tourism, but the movie actually makes Connecticut look like the murder capital of the world and century. To save the movie (and money), Jenna and Jack rewrite the script together so that it is horrific and points out Connecticut’s virtues as a tourist destination.

Meanwhile, Kenneth and Liz are looking for Tracy. They are doing a mediocre job. Part of their “hunt” involves Kenneth pretending to go to Pizza Academy, and Liz pretending to be his mother. Another part involves Kenneth falling to his knees in the street and screaming at the sky that if Tracy doesn’t come back, he and Liz will die. Eventually, they find Tracy—Liz recognizes his “sex-stain free futon” on Skype—in, of all places, Liz’s apartment. Because she’s a workaholic. Get it?

Tracy explains that he felt like people expected a lot from him once he won his Oscar, and he wanted to escape the hype by going to “Africa.” Liz then gives him a pep talk, dropping various amazing facts along the way—did you know the NAACP once hired someone to kill Tracy?—and ending with the beautiful sentiment, “You were the worst, and you can be the worst again.” High fives all around!

In other news, Pete hallucinated that he was the kind-hearted arm wrestling champion of the world. As hallucinations go, it was pretty good!