Four slates to vie for SG control

SG slates announced their candidacies looking ahead to the April 19 election for next year’s executive positions.

By Harunobu Coryne

As of Tuesday, President Obama is not the only Hyde Parker organizing a campaign for office.

LiveChicago, the United Student Alliance, Uncommon Fun, and the Moose party have all entered the running to lead Student Government (SG) for the 2011–2012 academic year.

Applications were due Tuesday, though all four slates were prohibited from advertising themselves until they attended a mandatory meeting on Wednesday night. Now the race begins.

LiveChicago consists of third-year Youssef Kalad, second-year Meher Kairon, and first-year Forrest Scofield.

“Life is difficult, you hear 'FML' a lot,” Kalad said, explaining his slate’s name. “We want to make sure that students realize there are opportunities to enhance your life on campus.”

Forming the United Student Alliance is third-year David Akinin, second-year Neil Shah, and first-year Ben Yu.

“Fundamental to what we stand for is that we’re running as an alliance, not a slate,” Shah said. “Part of what we want to do is engage all of SG. When we run, and if we win, we’ll involve all of SG.”

Representing the Uncommon Fun slate are third-years Adam Hemmings and Nicho Kelly, and second-year Dexter N. O'Connell.

"We want to present an alternative that's not the Moose Party, but one that appeals to students who aren't directly interested in SG," O'Connell said. "By being outsiders to the system we can bring new openness and transparancy."

And the historic Moose Party boasts third-years Joey Ebb and William Robert Dorsett, and first-year Matt Luchins

“We’re running because we want the Maroon to make us paper dolls like Greg Nance with nine gold medals each, no bronze or silver,” Dorsett said. “Second place is like kissing your sister. This is an official Moose Party position.”

Elections are set for April 19.