Let’s be Franco

“James Franco gets Blackboard to do what he wants.” A grad student is tweeting on the privileges conferred upon recent Yale doctoral candidate James Franco as he bursts onto the academic scene.

By Ella Christoph

Forget the A-list. James Franco's hitting the A-level. U of C English doctoral candidate Moacir P. de Sá Pereira is tweeting on Columbia grad Franco's recent matriculation as an English language and literature doctoral candidate at Yale and destroying grad student's last hope for happiness—misery loves company.

You can check out his Twitter feed here, but he's a pretty avid tweeter, and the Chronicle of Higher Education has rounded up the #jamesfrancofacts. Some of our favorites:

—James Franco never pays for photocopies at the library. Why kill trees while neglecting a photographic memory?

—James Franco is allowed to drink in Special Collections. His reflexes guarantee no coffee spills on rare books.

—James Franco's publishing history is kind of slim, since, well, peer review is more or less impossible, you know?

Our theory: de Sá Pereira taught the English class "Male Fantasy Sports" at the University in 2008, but didn't let Franco into the class. Disappointed, Franco left for Columbia. De Sá Pereira's never forgiven him. Well, at least the U of C's still got the real Freaks and Geeks, right?