Unidentified students shatters Shoreland door

By Joel Lanceta

Kai Wright, a first-year in the College and Shoreland resident, was walking to his dorm Saturday morning around 3 a.m. when he saw that the right front door of the building’s lobby had been completely smashed, with no glass left on the door.

“I saw the shattered glass, like, all around,” Wright said. “I asked someone at the lobby what happened. They said that they had gotten off with someone on the drunk van who ran up and kicked the door.”

Associate Dean of Students in the University and the Director of Undergraduate Student Housing Katie Callow-Wright said an unknown perpetrator smashed the door, immediately leaving the building around 12:30 a.m. on May 30. Shoreland staff in the immediate vicinity of the occurrence was not able to identify the person who broke the glass as he quickly ran away. The University police were summoned and a report was made.

“Attention to the incidence of vandalism by all community members, including students and staff, is important,” Callow-Wright said. “When a student in the residence halls sees or hears troubling activity that appears to be an act of vandalism, it is most helpful for resident staff and the front desk to be contacted immediately, so that someone can respond to the scene as soon as possible and stop the activity if it is in fact problematic.”

The broken door, which was tied to the outside columns of the Shoreland over the weekend, was not much of a bother to residents, except during the Shoreland Memorial Day barbecue, when the broken glass prevented the doors from being closed and smoke entered the lobby.

According to Mark Sullivan, the Facilities Manager for the Residence Halls and Commons, the glass company that Housing typically uses to repair windows and glass companies had been contacted Tuesday, and a replacement paneling for the door should be in by the end of the week.