Q&A: Rounding the bases with Cinoman

The Maroon sports editors chat with hitter of the week, Jack Cinoman. He lets us know about his inspiration, goals, and the fly honeys.

By Will Fallon

First-year outfielder Jack Cinoman was named NCAA Division III National Hitter of the Week for the games of March 29 to April 4 yesterday. Cinoman batted .882 over three games, going 15 for 17 with eight runs scored and 13 RBIs. After his monstrous week, which included hitting for the cycle with a single, double, triple and a grand slam by the fouth inning of the Maroons 29–3 demolition of Lawrence, we spoke to Cinoman to try to get to know a little about the man behind the bat.

Chicago Maroon: First off, how does it feel to be the best batter ever?

Jack Cinoman: The best batter ever for a week? I’m honored. I want to try to be the best batter of the season. I have high goals. I guess a week just isn’t enough for me.

CM: You’re only a first year but having a great first season. How has the rest of the team made you feel welcome?

JC: We have a bunch of great guys on the team. Everyone knows their role and everyone accepts their role on the team. There are guys from all ages on the team and everyone accepts everyone.

CM: Aside from the most recent loss, the team has strung together a few good wins, particularly the double-header against Lawrence. How do you feel about the outlook of the season?

JC: I think we’ve showed a lot of bright spots. We’ve definitely played up to our potential for a couple of games. One thing we have to try to be is consistent. We’ve had some tough losses where we haven’t played our best. If we get to our peak and play as well as we can as a team, we can definitely compete for a spot in the playoffs.

CM: Obviously your hitting has been great, but are there any aspects of your swing that you’re looking to improve, anything specific you’ve been working on?

JC: I guess I could always use more power in my swings. Generate more power. And just trying to hit the ball solid every time.

CM: Who are some of the players you admire?

JC: Professionally? I’ve been asked a lot who my favorite player is and it’s always a tough question for me. I admire Tim Lincecum. He’s a pitcher and I’m a hitter, but he’s the same size as me and we both try to overpower our opponents.

CM: Sox or Cubs?

JC: Cubs.

CM: Obviously when people think of great batters, they can’t help but think of Mark McGwire and the asterisk he has left on baseball. Have you ever done steroids?

JC: No, I would never do anything like that.

CM: Have the fly honeys been all over you since you received your award?

JC: No they have not. But maybe being on the front page of the Maroon will help.