January 18 Crime Report

By Christina Schwartz

January 14, 10:45 p.m. — A 61-year-old man was approached in a parking lot on the 1200 block of East 48th Street. The offender displayed a handgun and insisted the man lie on the ground as two other men approached from the offender’s vehicle and searched the victim’s pockets. All three offenders then escaped in the vehicle. The University and Chicago police tracked the vehicle to a gas station on the 5500 block of South Wells Street. The vehicle matched the license plate of a reportedly stolen vehicle. The offenders fled, followed by the police until they struck a CTA bus on the 7100 block of South State Street. The handgun and stolen property were recovered from the vehicle. All three men were taken into custody and have subsequently been charged. Michael Mallory, a 58-year-old resident of the 2700 block of South Federal Street, was charged with one felony account of armed robbery, a misdemeanor charge of criminal vehicle trespass, and an outstanding civil warrant. Tony Palmer, age 36, resident of the 11100 block of South Indiana Avenue was charged with one account of armed robbery, one account of criminal vehicle trespass, driving with a suspended license, and driving without insurance. Deandre Lofton, age 21, resident of the 400 block of East 62nd Street, was charged with one account of criminal vehicle trespass and a misdemeanor for possession of cannabis. All three are scheduled to appear in court January 22.