Gossip geek

It’s hard not to love this.

By Alec Brandon

It’s hard not to love this.An anonymous group of bloggers who “blush crimson for the Stars” has been posting Harvard gossip on their blog, Gossip Girl. I don’t understand why the Maroon doesn’t do the same. For example, Cass Sunstein just left the U of C law school for Harvard. The interesting additional piece of information is that Sunstein’s longtime partner, legal superstar Martha Nussbaum is going to be staying at Chicago. The Maroon had this to say:

“I think the publicity that I’ve seen has been rather unbalanced because it suggests that Harvard has scored a great victory, when the real story is that Harvard has made offers to two people, and they got one and Chicago got one,” Nussbaum said. “I think it’s misleading to portray as a great coup for Harvard.”Levmore said he was disconcerted by the way the Chicago Tribune portrayed Sunstein’s departure in a Wednesday article, for which the U of C declined to comment.“I’m sort of embarrassed that said that the University of Chicago couldn’t be reached for comment,” Levmore said. “It looks like we didn’t want to talk, but the truth is that this decision was based on personal reasons and I respect that privacy. The media will find out about them soon enough.”

What sort of personal reasons could those be? And didn’t Nussbaum’s comments seem a little out of the ordinary?Above The Law (from the guy that use to be Article III Groupie) reports that the power couple is no more, but that is just based on the comments on his blog.Regardless, this is a hot tamale, and well worthy of some Maroon investigative reporting. We’ll see if they get on that.