Community Episode 2.6 Recap

Zombies and cool, sexy draculas make an appearance in Community’s Halloween episode.

By Mae Rice

In honor of Halloween, this week’s Community is zombie-themed. The thing is, Community already had a zombie-themed episode—the paintball episode from last season. I read an interview with Donald Glover (Troy) where he said that everyone at Community is trying to top the paintball episode, which is noble. But it seems awfully literal to try to top it with what was effectively another paintball episode—except without the sex. (Spoiler: No sex.)

This episode, Greendale has a Halloween party that turns creepy when the Dean (dressed, obviously, as Lady Gaga) serves some canned meat from the army surplus store. And boy, is that meat full of rabies! Pierce becomes immediately rabid, and is quickly followed by everyone else. According to the only doctor at the party (why is a doctor at a Greendale Halloween party? Why is he dressed as a banana?), the zombie sickness could take years to take over the world—somewhere between one and one and a half years, to be exact.

In this zombie apocalypse, Troy really shines. Not only does he take his shirt off, write “Dracula” on what appears to be a toilet seat cover, and then put said cover around his neck; he also says “I’m a cool, sexy Dracula.” You know you are sexy when you have to tell others explicitly! Troy is also the last study group member to catch the zombie disease. It’s not like he escapes the plague, but he escapes it long enough for Abed to say, “Troy, make me proud. Be the first black man to get to the end.”

And that’s what really matters.