Breaking: Chris Dodd won’t win Iowa

By Alec Brandon

With 42% of the precincts reporting in Iowa, Dodd is still polling at 0%.Update: While Obama and Huckabee are the projected winners of Iowa, Dodd is still at 0% (with 1 delegate, so like 0.001% or something) with 81% reporting.Update: Dodd has dropped out of the race. This man moved his family to Iowa and put his kids in the schools there. If anyone wonders why we make fun of Dodd so much here, it’s because his chances to win are about on pace with Tobias Fünke’s chances of making it as an actor. Uncommitted won three times as many delegates tonight!Update: Biden is dropping out too. MSNBC showed a minute of his speech and he seemed hilariously belligerent.