Students try their hand at being funny

By Ryan Uricks

The Chicago Shady Dealer, a new humor newspaper, was released Wednesday. Editor in Chief Zachary Binney said he came up with the idea from his managing editor, James Snyder, when the latter suggested that the University needed a tabloid-like publication on campus. Yet what really spurred him to start the publication was when he set-up a table at the RSO fair for prospective students. “It was something on a whim,” Binney said, but soon the positive response was “shocking” and prospective students “actually gave me their e-mail addresses.”

Binney decided to start the publication and produced the first issue this week, for which Binney praised his team of writers and editors. The publication features satirical articles such as reporting on a joint effort between the GSB and economics department to “blast the poor into space,” making Trickle-Down Theory look like a “fabulous welfare plan.” Professor Ted Cohen is the faculty advisor for the publication and contributed an article.

Binney said currently they consider themselves a “Renegade Student Organization,” after failing to be approved for RSO status during the last meeting of the year. He attributed this to a regulation he was not told about stipulating that a sample of the publication is needed prior to approval. Binney said he was disappointed at the Committee on Registered Student Organization’s (CORSO’s) handling of their application, but remains confident they will be approved in the near future.

Another issue is due out Wednesday of 10th week, and the current issue is available from the staff or online at shadydealer.rh.