Hymns of praise for Chant on Check Please

Does Chant deserve the show’s glowing reviews?

By Ben Rossi

Tonight’s episode of Check Please on WTTW featured Hyde Park’s very own Chant, the Asian fusion restaurant on 53rd. The restaurant was praised by all the show’s guests for its live music, quirky food and full bar.

Now, I haven’t set foot in Chant since last year, when I went with a friend to see what all the hoopla was about. Maybe the kitchen staff was having an off day, but really, it was one of the worst meals in recent memory. I believe I had the Tamarind chicken, which tasted like a regrettable encounter between asian spices and a recipe on the back of a can of chicken broth. The chicken was so tough and stringy that I wondered whether the restaurant was perhaps taking too much pride in its Hyde Park location by serving one of the local pigeons.

I’m interested what people think about this place. Has it improved?