April 15, 2005

Q & A will host Genderfuck

Q&A will host Genderfuck

This Saturday night, don clothes that normally you might not for Genderfuck, the annual drag ball hosted by Queers and Associates (Q&A). The free event, to be held in Hutch Commons, will start at 9 p.m. and last until midnight.

Genderfuck has been a University tradition since 1998, but this year's ball, in addition to dancing and refreshments, will include for the first time a costume contest, starting at 9:30 p.m. with a prize to be revealed at the event, according to John Gabriel, president of Q&A. The ball typically has about 100 attendees and is usually held in Ida Noyes Hall, but this year has been moved to Hutch to encourage higher attendance. The Student Government Finance Committee aided in the event's funding.

Genderfuck encourages the University community to explore and transform gender roles for a night. "Gender extends beyond a male/female binary, and we invite everyone to explore the entire spectrum that is gender," said Gabriel.

"It's not just boys dressing like girls, and girls dressing like boys. It's altering the way you normally present yourself," said Angela Stathos, secretary for Q&A. "Hopefully people will participate and have a lot of fun."

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—Kimberly Drelich