November 21, 2006

Well played, Britney (this time at least)

Britney Spears's sleazy ex-husband Kevin Federline is supposedly planning to sell a sex tape the two of them made. If he did, it would no doubt make a fortune.A number of sources, however, are now reporting that Spears is going to leak the tape herself for free to keep Federline from making any money off of it. If she is convinced that Federline is really going to release it, and it is therefore going to be made public anyway, this is quite a crafty move.After hearing all of the rumors about the absence of a pre-nup, I'm also a bit impressed with the iron-clad document that is now being reported to exist. Spears may have protected herself much better than anyone assumed. Of course, she could have much easily, say, NOT married Kevin Federline or NOT made a sex tape with him.(Ed--Did you just blog about Britney Spears and Kevin Federline? Shut up.)