June 17, 2006

Quick Hits10

Normally I'd write something for all of these, but I'd actually like to do something tonight, so instead, I'm just going to do some quick hits.1. Lieberman's new ad: The liberal blogosphere is going nuts about this ad (here and here, and check what Andrew Sullivan had to say too). The ad is, without a doubt, absurd. But it is so absurd that I happened to find it very amusing. But does that mean I want to vote for Lieberman anymore? Definitely not. In fact, all Lieberman really should be trying to do in fending off Ned Lamont's challenge is motivate moderate Democrats to show up to the polls. Pissing people off isn't going to do that (I know it makes me think twice about whether I'll be casting a vote in the Democratic Primary).2. Matt Yglesias casts his vote in the David Brooks debate that has been raging here, here, here, and here. Yglesias complains about two aspects of Brooks' argument (in two posts, here and here). They are both worth checking out, although I think he is mostly upset because neither of the parties includes his form of liberal politics (which might explain Hammond's opinions too). (It may also explain why I liked the column so much, because it basically creates a party for me, ironically the egotism of political parties is something Yglesias discussed here.)3. Matt Yglesias has another great post here about the absurdity of the Nation constantly complaining about media consolidation, which is actually pretty unconsolidated. The night I was offered the Viewpoints editorship I actually went to an event with a couple of people from the Nation where they complained about this. It was pretty stupid.4. This video is Stephen Colbert at his best (well maybe his second best). I can't believe politicians show up on this show. 5. This news broke my heart. Obama is indeed the future of the Democratic Party, but I pray to god that his politics change before that.6. UChicago Law Blog has some great stuff up. Geoffrey Stone on Bush and gay rights and Randy Picker on the FCC. 7. Martha Nussbaum takes on Harvey Mansfield. This is a battle royale I'd pay good money to see.