August 25, 2006

Democratic strategy for '06: Do nothing

At TNR, Peter Beinert has an interesting article on what the Democrats have to do to take control of Congress in the upcoming mid-term elections. The answer: do nothing:

A few weeks ago, congressional Democrats announced their agenda for the fall campaign. Its substance was unremarkable: raising the minimum wage, making college tuition tax-deductible, putting more money into alternative energy. But the really encouraging part was the public reception. Or should I say, the lack of public reception: Barely anyone noticed. And, for Democrats, that's very good news.
Why? Because things could not get much worse for the Republicans right now. If the Democrats even open their mouths and say one positive thing they are liable to remind disenchanted Republicans what they would get if Democrats actually took over Congress.This was an amusing column to read in light of everyone always saying (me included) that the Democrats have to actually propose something, anything, to get back into power.Read it all.