September 8, 2006

I learned something awesome today

A brief preface: The University of Chicago used to be a Big Ten Division I school with a legitimate football team and everything. Under the guidance of President Robert Maynard Hutchins, the U of C instituted the Core Curriculum, sold its Big Ten membership to Northwestern, and tore down its football stadium to build a library. Football was resurrected at Chicago later and is now a well-established part of our Division III athletics program.So, today I met someone from (The) Ohio State University who informed me of an awesome myth. It seems that there is an ongoing informal campaign on the Ohio State, U of Michigan, and Michigan State campuses to make a collective donation to the University of Chicago in order to build the school a new stadium and buy back its Big Ten/Division I membership. (I have yet to confirm this, but she claimed that the U of C has a standing invitation back into the Big Ten as a former member.)The reason for this campaign? Because of Chicago's standing invitation and Big Ten bylaws, if Chicago were to rejoin, the newest current member would be ejected: Penn State, a bitter rival of all three schools and a damn good football team. Hah!I really hope it is not so they have some poor lowly team to beat up on. (Ed--Insert some Northwestern crack here. I'm bigger than that. No you are not. Hey Ed--if that's really your name--aren't you ripping off Dan Drezner's "Ed" character? ...[crickets][crickets]...)